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Part of business in today’s world is to lessen or eliminate our impact on our environment. The PWNA brings together resources from across the continent to educate and promote cleaning practices that recycle, reclaim, filter and protect fish and wildlife from storm sewer run off. Water has become a very valuable resource. In some parts of the country water is tightly regulated and watering bans on power washing companies can put people out of business. The PWNA’s education and best practices communicates to local state and municipalities how the commercial power washer is a vital part of protecting our lakes, rivers, oceans and water supply.

If you are NOT promoting (and practicing) environmentally responsible services for your power washing company… what message are you giving your customers and the community?

Let your customers know you share their concerns about our planet by signing up for PWNA’s new Water Reclaimer Program.

This unique program is designed specifically to assist mobile pressure wash contractors in promoting their environmentally friendly business practices and educating customers about the environmental benefits of contracting professional mobile pressure wash technicians. Reclaiming and recycling is a very powerful marketing message. Environmental cleaning methods are quickly becoming an essential business model.

whats in it for you

Every industry needs to develop and utilize environmentally sound business practices that are unique to their market niche. In the power washing industry, water reclamation and recycling are the top priorities. As a visible user
of water -- a renewable but precious natural resource -- professional mobile pressure washers have an opportunity (and obligation) to demonstrate their leadership in this area.

Promoting the fact that your company is proud to be a “Water Reclaimer” helps raise awareness to your customers and local water regulators that professional mobile pressure washers are environmentally friendly businesses.

PWNA now provides you with a great way to champion your commitment to environmental stewardship and to differentiate your business from your competitors.

program costs

$59.OO per mobile unit

Become a Water Reclaimer