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September 1992


The Power Washers of North America is the recognized leader in developing and communicating the highest standards in ethical business practices, environmental awareness, and safety through continuing education and active representation of the membership. PWNA educated and trained contractors raise the level of professionalism and value to their customers.


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As a member of PWNA, I believe in fair and honorable practices and pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards in my business, and I obligate myself and my employees to work by the following Code of Ethics:

  • I will, at all times, conduct my business in a fair and honorable manner. I pledge to represent our products and services as they actually are, to do what I promise and to promise only what I reasonably can do, to compete fairly with others on the basis of the merit of my products and services, and to refrain from making false or misleading statements about my competitors or their products or services.

  • I commit to help any and all fellow PWNA members in the furtherance of industry knowledge.

  • I promise to comply, both in spirit and letter, with all rules and regulations prescribed by law and by government agencies for the health, safety and well-being of my employees, the public, and the environment.

  • I further pledge to perform all services within any Standards and through the use of any Best Management Practices adopted by PWNA.

The PWNA is an organization that represents contractors in the Power Washing industry. We represent all power washers, from aerospace cleaning, concrete cleaning, fleet washing, kitchen exhaust, wood restoration as well as everything in between. Our purpose is to provide our members leadership and direction in four important areas:
  • Education – One of the 4 pillars of the PWNA is education and certification. We offer education at our annual convention and through our education partners.
  • Networking Opportunities – Networking is another one of the pillars of the PWNA. All of the pillars work together to provide a solid foundation for your business. Networking with professionals in your field of expertise allows you to solve problems quickly and be more profitable. You will meet people in your field at the conventions and through educational classes and opportunities. Through round tables and conventions you can discuss what you have learned and what you have had difficulty with. There is always someone that has had the same experience you have had that you can learn from. When quoting new business that may be unfamiliar, being able to contact a PWNA member to ask for advice and guidance can be the difference between winning and losing the job and can also be the difference between making money and losing money on a job. Networking allows you to learn from people like yourself that are actually doing the work.
  • Conventions – Annually people from across the country and from across all power washing segments get together for continuing education, networking, see old friends and to see the latest in equipment from Distributors and Suppliers. In a few fun days you can learn what has taken others a lifetime to learn. It is an opportunity to learn what is happening across the country regarding regulatory issues. It gives you an opportunity to see what might be coming to your community and give you time to prepare for it to protect and maintain a profitable business. The annual convention is the highlight of the year for many PWNA members.
  • A clear voice for our industry – A clear voice for the industry is the most important pillar of the PWNA. With the stroke of a pen a law can be passed that puts a power washing contractor out of business. A lawmaker, without the knowledge and understanding of the importance of the contract cleaner, can make an uneducated decision that can put you out of business. The PWNA represents every power washer business and communicates to the world that Power Washing is a vital part of the community. Through education, best practices and industry leaders, the PWNA represents a clear, unified voice to speak professionally and intelligently to the importance of power washing. Every business of every size, from 1 to 10,000, needs to be one of the many voices of the PWNA. The more members we have, the stronger and clearer our voice becomes. The stronger and clearer our voice is, the more protected and secure our businesses are. Join today and become a part of that voice and protect the investment of time and money that you have put into your business.

PWNA board of directors

Eric Clark
Eric Clark

Steven James
Vice President

Charlie Arnold

John Nearon

Daryl Mirza
Board Member

Paul Horsley
Board Member

Mike Palubiak
Board Member

Ty Eubanks
Board Member

Dan Galvin
Immediate Past President

Jackie Tacheny
Executive Director