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Contractors Only
Please select services you provide:
Awning Cleaning Roof Cleaning
Commercial/Industrial/Construction Cleaning Media Blasting
Concrete/Masonry Cleaning and Sealing Parking Garage Cleaning
Fleet Washing Graffiti Removal
Gutter Cleaning House Washing
Kitchen Exhaust Lead Paint Removal
Monument Restoration Wash Water Recovery
Water Tower Cleaning Wood Restoration

Suppliers Only
Please select services you provide:
Cleaners and Chemicals
Education Providers
Environmental and Water Reclamation
Equipment Suppliers

There is a Company Description section for each PWNA Member's Listing on the website. Please provide a one or two sentence summary of the services your company provides. (required)

Application Membership:
Contractor Annual Dues:
$350.00 Active business entity or organization providing services in the power washing industry.
Contractor applications MUST be accompanied by proof of current general liability insurance.
Supplier Annual Dues:
$500.00 Active business entity or organization including dealers/ distributors/manufacturers of parts or components of the power washing industry.
Associate Annual Dues:
$350.00 Professionals engaged in a business supplying services in the industry. Not eligible to hold elective office or have a vote.
Retired Membership Dues:
$350.00 Retired individual from Active member, no longer affiliated with any industry company. Eligible to hold elective office or have a vote.

Each member (company) of PWNA pledges:

As a member of PWNA, I believe in fair and honorable practices and pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards in my business, and I obligate myself and my employees to work by the following Code of Ethics:

  • I will, at all times, conduct my business in a fair and honorable manner. I pledge to represent our products and services as they actually are, to do what I promise and to promise only what I reasonably can do, to compete fairly with others on the basis of the merit of my products and services, and to refrain from making false or misleading statements about my competitors or their products or services.
  • I commit to help any and all fellow PWNA members in the furtherance of industry knowledge.
  • I promise to comply, both in spirit and letter, with all rules and regulations prescribed by law and by government agencies for the health, safety and well-being of my employees, the public, and the environment.
  • I further pledge to perform all services within any Standards and through the use of any Best Management Practices adopted by PWNA.

I agree to the above terms and conditions