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Networking is another one of the pillars of the PWNA. All of the pillars work together to provide a solid foundation for your business. Networking with professionals in your field of expertise allows you to solve problems quickly and be more profitable. You will meet people in your field at the conventions and through educational classes and opportunities. Through round tables at the conventions you can discuss what you have learned and what you have had difficulty with. There is always someone that has had the same experience you have had that you can learn from. When quoting new business that may be unfamiliar, being able to contact a PWNA member to ask for advice and guidance can be the difference between winning and losing the job and can also be the difference between making money and losing money on a job. Networking will expose you to new services to add to your portfolio. Networking may also teach you a better and more profitable way to do something you already do currently. Join today and take advantage of this wonderful benefit.