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The PWNA Blog : Wednesday - July 21, 2010

Revised Clean Across North America documents in three different versions for approval

Assembled PWNA membership applications for Tampa Roundtables

Sent Frank @ Studio Tidal the Delux course schedules for the education page on the PWNA website

Spoke with Frank, a prospective Tampa Roundtable attendee, re: PWNA bootcamps

Spoke with Glenn Everett re: space on one of the PWNA educational committees

Spoke with Michael Matthys re: getting Ambassador Window Cleaning’s listing on the PWNA website

Added Ambassador Window Cleaning’s information to the PWNA website

Responded to email from Steve James re: flight dates for Charleston event

Responded to email request from Marcus Gibbs of Quality 1st Pressure Washing for PWNA information

Sent a reminder email out to the Wood Restoration committee re: tomorrow’s call

Emailed Heather Austin of the Embassy Suites Hotel in Charleston, SC for confirmation on receipt of deposit for meeting room

Responded to email from Mike Hilborn re: approval of convention bags

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