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The PWNA Blog : Thursday - June 24, 2010

Checked voicemail message from Jim Burgess re: PWNA shirts and sizes

Emailed Mike Hilborn Jeremy McMillan’s phone number

Emailed Mike Hilborn the 6 month Outlook template

Reviewed and edited the Clean Across America campaign and created two packets: One for the website (pledge forms, etc.), and one for companies that pledge.

Emailed Winston Glover of Caretaker Services the PWNA logo

Emailed Frank @ Studio Tidal the Water Reclaimer logo - need high quality logo for new banner

Emailed Mike Hilborn re: Management Liability Insurance renewal forms received by headquarters

Processed Renewal application for Squeaky Clean, Inc., mailed out an updated membership packet, and left message for Matthew Smith

Emailed Ron Musgrave’s for information on the Upcoming SunBrite Supply/NCE event in Charleston, SC

Completed draft of July Water Works Newsletter and emailed to Mike Hilborn for revising

Emailed Daryl Mirza contact information for Chris Gilbert of Firemaster who wanted to speak with someone re: memberships in KEC

Facebook/Twitter post

Pressure Washing Institute bulletin board posting

GrimeScene bulletin board posting

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