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The PWNA Blog : Friday - June 18, 2010

Emailed James Gordon and Paul Horsley for their contact info for Flat Work Committee

Emailed Logan Brady of Carolina Pro’s re: receiving membership application and needing payment to complete membership application

Emailed the Board of Director’s the June Board of Directors’ Minutes

Sent follow up email to Daryl Mirza re: calling new KEC students

Emailed Dan at Sign-A-Rama re: the Water Reclaimer sign being blurry

Entered invoice for Sign-A-Rama

Emailed Dave Meyer at Bizzyweb re: getting a speaker for Social Media and Search Engine Optimization at our convention

Emailed Henry Bockman re: Clean Across America documents

Updated Certificate of Insurance for Henry’s Housework, Inc.

Constant Contact Additions

Cleaner Times Additions

Emailed contact information to the Flat Work Committee

Spoke with Pam Morrison of Napoli’s Restaurant re: sponsored lunch menu for convention

Registered all PWNA boot camp registrants for the Tampa Round table on the National Cleaning Expo website

Emailed Jake Clark for a high quality logo for convention website page.  Also attached the vendor registration form that needs to be completed

Emailed Mike Hilborn questions on convention pricing