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The PWNA Blog : Thursday - June 17, 2010

Emailed Mike Hilborn regarding finalizing convention schedule

Emailed Andy Mann at the Ramada East Airport Hotel re: lunch menus for convention

Revised the June PWNA Board of Directors’ Minutes and emailed to Mike Hilborn

Received email from Stephen Ellis of E. Luke Greene Company including insurance and website listing form

Emailed Stephen Ellis of E. Luke Greene Company for an updated insurance policy

Added company listing onto the PWNA website for E. Luke Greene Company

Emailed Mike Hilborn language for postcard mailing

Emailed with Wendy Vincent re: meeting room setup for PWNA face-to-face meeting

Sent Daryl Mirza the list of new KEC students from RAHSCO to call and welcome to the PWNA

Pressure Washing Institute Bulletin Board posting

GrimeScene Bulletin Board posting

Facebook postings

Daily blog

Flat Work Committee Conference Call

Paid invoices

Mailed out refund to RAHSCO for duplicate payments