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The PWNA Blog : Wednesday - June 23, 2010

Responded to email (attaching the PWNA logo) from Mike Rogers of Corporate Maintenance Group, LLC requesting a the PWNA logo

Created email attaching various databases for postcard mailing to Jarrod for upcoming PWNA convention

Emailed Daryl Mirza re: getting PWNA t-shirts sent up to headquarters for early convention registrants

Emailed Jim Burgess requesting 20 PWNA t-shirts to be sent to headquarters

Emailed Frank @ StudioTidal re: design for name badges for convention (including PWNA and SunBrite Supply logos)

Scheduled conference call for Roof Cleaning Committee

Spoke with Pam Morrison of Napoli’s Restaurant confirming lunch menu for convention

Responded to email from Frank @ StudioTidal re: badge requirements for design

Spoke with Jeremy McMillan re: the oil spill

Emailed Mike Hilborn information on Jeremy McMillan and notes from my conversation with him

Emailed Pete Marentay for a high quality logo to be used for the convention name badges

Drafted 4th outlook email template to members and emailed to Mike Hilborn

Worked on Clean Across America documents

Spoke with Ed Peterson re: KEC training at the Phil Ackland school

Left message for Daryl Mirza re: Ed Peterson

Emailed Ed Peterson a Phil Ackland KEC training course schedule

Worked on Water Works Newsletter

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