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The PWNA Blog : Monday - June 21, 2010

Spoke with Porta Services re: their membership

Responded to Jim McMurray at Cleaner Times re: new additions for subscriptions

Emailed Zac Snider re: processing of his convention registration and requesting payment

Emailed Jim Burgess re: whether the PWNA shirts have been shipped to Tampa

Responded to James Gordon’s email re: cell phone number and business number

Responded to advertising request from Tony Jones of Vacey Media

Emailed Joe Clark a prospect membership packet

Mailed out prospect membership packet to Jeremy Crowson

Paid PWNA invoices

Forwarded to Frank @ Studio Tidal logo for Armstrong Clark (for convention page - convention sponsor)

Returned phone call to John Goodman re: problem on a structure

Emailed the Roof Committee re: getting committee call rescheduled

Emailed DJ Carroll @ Easy Pro Property Services for website listing and current Certificate of Insurance

Worked on PWNA monthly newsletter - July

Emailed Daryl Mirza the tenative lunch menu for convention - Daryl gave approval

Pressure Washing Institute Bulletin Board posting

Grime Scene Bulletin Board posting

Facebook/Twitter posting

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