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Power Washers of North America

The PWNA is an organization that represents contractors in the Power Washing industry. We represent all power washers, from aerospace cleaning, concrete cleaning, kitchen exhaust, wood restoration as well as everything in between. Our purpose and reason for being is to provide our members leadership and direction in four important areas:

Membership of the PWNA also allows our members to be linked on our Find a Contractor or Find a Distributor/Supplier pages. Click on the membership link on this page to join us. The larger our membership, the stronger each of our businesses are.

Part of business in today’s world is to lessen or eliminate our impact on our environment. The PWNA brings together resources from across the continent to educate and promote cleaning practices that recycle, reclaim, filter and protect fish and wildlife from storm sewer run off. Water has become a very valuable resource. In some parts of the country water is tightly regulated and watering bans on power washing companies can put people out of business. The PWNA’s education and best practices communicates to local state and municipalities how the commercial power washer is a vital part of protecting our lakes, rivers, oceans and water supply. Click on the link on this page to become a member. The larger our membership, the stronger each our businesses are.

PWNA Convention/Fall Technical Seminar

Thursday, October 23rd through Saturday, October 25th

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