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PWNA bios- james gordon

My name is James Gordon and I am 23 years old. I started my company when I was 13 years old cutting grass. At 18 I expanded into property maintenance, which brought me into the power washing world.

My company runs four crews that power wash sidewalks and buildings eight months out of the year. I also have a sweeping crew that sweeps parking lots and sidewalks. My company also provides windows washing and line painting. I love this business because there is always room to expand and new things to learn. I have been a proud member of the PWNA since 2008. I have enjoyed coming to the annual convention and networking with fellow power washers that have the same motivation and excitement about power washing that I do.

I like being on the Board of Directors of the PWNA because I have so much experience and knowledge that I can share with other PWNA members. I represent Ontario, Canada and I would like to see more Canadians become PWNA members.

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