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2012 PWNA wood restoration certification course

The Wood Restoration Certification class offers many benefits to new and veteran power washers. This certification program includes classroom study and a certification test. The course will cover the following topics: nature of different wood species, economic opportunity, chemicals, detergents and cleaners, equipment, cleaning process, safety, pricing, bidding, marketing, and potential add-on services. This class is a must for the true wood restoration professional and will make you stand out from your competitors. Certification is an excellent marketing tool for contractors.

Note: You must be a PWNA member to be Certified. Contact PWNA Headquarters today at 800-393-PWNA (7962) or by emailing [email protected] to find out more. You must maintain membership to keep PWNA certification.

PWNA Annual Convention October 22-24, 2012

Our next PWNA Certification class will be on April 28th, 2012.

about steve james

PWNA Board Member ProfileSteve James joined forces with his brother Kevin in 2005 to grow Great Lakes Pressure Cleaning (founded in 2000) into Michigan's premier power washing company. Steve's success in the wood restoration market spawned a retail and distribution arm of the company called "The Stain Shop." The company now operates all commercial, residential and retail services as The Stain Shop. Their skilled wood restoration crews travel the entire state of Michigan restoring cedar and log homes, while servicing decks and fences in their local market.

Steve is a Michigan State University business graduate and resides with his family in Linden, Michigan.

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I know 200% more about wood today than when I walked in to your store and the class.
-Drew Anderson, Olympic Power Wash Serivces

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