What is Clean Across America?

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Watch the videos from some of the Clean Across America projects performed by our members!

The Power Washers of North America Clean Across America Campaign is an opportunity for PWNA members to give something back to their communities. Vendors and manufacturers are also invited to donate products and equipment to be used for CAA projects.  Contact Headquarters for details.

How it started

"After 15 years in the power washing industry, I wanted to do something positive for my community" states Henry Bockman, a Director of PWNA and the contractor who spearheaded the launch of this national community service effort.  "In 2000 I formed a community service program for my company, then later I wanted to expand the program to create a nationwide campaign.  When I proposed the concept to the other members, the response was overwhelming. These are all hard working business owners who recognized that they could make a difference in their own backyards."

The individual contractors select which projects each wants to get involved with. Some contractors prefer large, highly visible projects requiring lots of hours to complete but most participants opt for projects that can be completed in a single day. Members of the Media and community leaders who want to suggest their own favorite project(s) to be considered for this event are encouraged to contact PWNA headquarters or our member directory to identify the nearest member-contractor.
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