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Quakertown, PA, 12-13-2006 - The current PWNA Board of Directors has made many decisions as of September 2005 through to the present time to change the management and direction of the Association that should be representative of the industry. We have made some very tough decisions to create a level playing field for the contractors, distributors, manufacturers, and the industry at large.

This has met opposition from some founders of the association who viewed the association as "theirs" and not the industry's and members' association. Recent actions have, unfortunately, validated the reasons for many of the decisions the Board of Directors have made since September of 2005.

While the current Board of the PWNA desires to remain professional and keep this from public view, we deeply regret that this has now become public since December 13, 2006 when founders of the PWNA caused the deletion of the entire content of www.pwna.org website, and replaced it with content from an unrelated for-profit company. This is morally and ethically wrong and not what the PWNA has come to represent.

The PWNA has and will continue to remain professional and leaders for the industry. We vow to protect our members against any "one" company, vendor, group, or party that attempts to unfairly influence the direction or management of the industry's association.

Please contact the PWNA headquarters at 800-393-7962 or visit:


The PWNA has represented the industry for the past 15 years and will continue to do so, on solid ground, for many years to come.


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