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  • Midwest Mobile Washers
    Contact Person: Tony Szabo
    Phone: 800-804-7517
    Alt. Phone:815-772-8085
    Fax: 815-772-8415
    Company Description:
    Midwest Mobile Washers was established 19 years ago to service the residential market as a full service pressure washing company, offering several services for the homeowner. House Washing, Deck Restoration & Staining, Concrete Cleaning & Sealing, and Roof Cleaning is our main focus for our homeowners. We research our products used, and are certified through the manufacturers of these products if applicable. Using teh best products that the industry has to offer and apply them as instructed by the supplier, no short cuts taken. We are setting the Standards through out the United States with Water Storage Tank cleaning. This is a service that has taken ears to master and perfect. The focus and research for safety, procedures, and in depth research of the inter workings is the importance of this market. Having experience in this field is a given must. Proper insurance is costly, and knowledge is mandatory for this type of service. Don't be undersold by pressure washing companies without these criteria's, it will be costly to the customer. You want a company that has a proven track record not a company that offers pressure washing services. Midwest Mobile Washers offers all of our Services Residential (limited), Commercial, Industrial to all Midwestern States. In the last 7 years we have opened up other markets in the Southern States, and East Coast markets. We can be contacted at 800-804-7517 - email: [email protected] or [email protected]. Web site: Ask for Tony or Deb.

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