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The PWNA Blog : Tuesday - June 22, 2010

Emailed Heidi at Porta Services confirming receipt of updated insurance; updated database with insurance information and added services to the website

Forwarded email to By-Laws Committee from Charlie Arnold for review

Emailed Joe Hughes re: getting a speaker on the EPA RRP training at the PWNA convention

Researched lanyards clips and call Pete Marentay with type to order for convention lanyards

Responded to email from Frank @ Studio Tidal re: setting up Google Checkout for the PWNA online bookstore

Emailed Henry Bockman for updated Clean Across America documents

Emailed Frank @ Studio Tidal with pictures to add to the website for the Clean Across America campaign

Called Pam Morrison @ Napoli’s re: convention lunch

Sent follow up email to Dan @ Sign-A-Rama re: clarity of PWNA Water Reclaimer sign

Emailed Ron Musgraves the vendor registration form for the PWNA convention

Emailed Ron Musgraves pictures of Eric Clark, Daryl Mirza, and Mike Hilborn (Instructors at the upcoming Roundtable)

Faxed Wendy Vincent at the Embassy Suites Charleston the PWNA credit card authorization form for the CETA and National Cleaning Expo events, and for the face-to-face Board of Directors’ meeting

Worked on July Water Works Newsletter

Met with Deven Robillard re: setting up the template for the PWNA Convention postcard mailing

Created PWNA UPS shipping account (for shipping of trade show display)

Pressure Washing Institute Bulletin Board posting

Grime Scene Bulletin Board posting

Facebook/Twitter posting

Daily blog posting