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PWNA bios- dan galvin

Dan GalvinAt the age of 17 I joined the U.S. Navy. I served in the Navy for six years, two years at Navy schools and four years aboard the U.S.S. Oliver Hazard Perry, FFG-7. I left the Navy after six years of honorable service as a First Class Fire Control Technician Petty Officer.

After I left the Navy, I joined the family business, Galvin Insurance Agency. I received my Insurance Brokers license and worked in this business for 13 years.

For the new millennium, my wife and I decided to have a new adventure! We moved our family to “America’s Home Town” – Plymouth, Massachusetts. I left the family business and decided to venture off on my own. I worked in insurance software sales for a short time prior to buying my power washing business.

I purchased my power washing business in May 2003 from my uncle. I started with an old van and an old power washer and two accounts that totaled $400.00 a month. My wife thought I had lost my mind!! She used to say “how can you make a living with a garden hose?” Today, East Coast Power Washing, Inc. is a well established business on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

After attending my first PWNA convention I knew I wanted to have an active part in the future of the PWNA because I truly believe in the organization and what it has done for the professionalism of the power washing industry.

I like the direction that the PWNA is currently heading in, and I truly believe in this association. I believe that I can help take the PWNA to the next level in the professional industry.

The motto for my company East Coast Power Washing Inc. is "Setting the Standards." I would like to see all the members of PWNA take on the same motto and pride in their businesses. Let PWNA "Set the Standards" for the power washing industry!

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