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President's Message
August 2007

I would like to share a great story with everyone that shows a glimpse of exactly what could be for the PWNA and the industry. In the past few months I have had the pleasure of visiting with the Maryland area contractors first for the Roundtable hosted by DeWALT and then recently for the Clean Across America project in Washington DC. What has happened here is that the group has become very close knit in working together. This is not only on these projects but it transcends to every day business and operations. These contractors have built a support system with each other. This support system has created a situation where the group is much stronger than the individuals. They are sharing ideas, using common vendors, learning other �best management practices� (BMP's), and even becoming friends! The reason I bring this up is that this same situation can be copied and replicated anytime and anywhere. The Board of Directors along with Legacy Management are looking for dedicated contractors to continue efforts of local chapters, roundtables, and other events to help business owners operate successful companies through education and networking. The PWNA WANTS to be part of your success. Please contact us for more information on starting a local chapter or becoming more involved in your local area! I would also like to thank Henry Bockman at this time for starting the Maryland local chapter that has been so successful. Rob Huffman has since taken over as President of this chapter and we look forward to continued success from him.

At this time I would also like to commend the Education Committee of the PWNA that include, Chair-Brian Penney, Mike Hilborn, Brian Caudle, David Geirlak, and Charlie Arnold who have successfully revamped the education program. These folks have over the past few months had various conference calls and put in many hours to create a better and even more inclusive program. Under the new program any and all courses will be reviewed by the Education Committee to meet certain crtiteria. Once this committee has accepted the course it is passed to the Board of Directors for final approval. In keeping with the change of course over the past two years and recognizing that it takes many, many individuals and companies to help educate an industry, we have taken the next step to including all comers. All programs will be evaluated on an individual basis, as long as they meet the requirements set by the Education Committee and Board of Directors they will be approved. In summary, what this means is that we will have multiple educators in the various fields of the industry. For example, this opens up the opportunity to have 10, 20, 50 different educators across the country for tasks like Wood Restoration, Building Cleaning, Environmental Cleaning, Awning Cleaning, etc. I am very honored to work with a great committee that has been dedicated to continuous improvement of our educational programs. Please look for more details and information in the coming weeks or contact headquarters for more information on how you can be involved.

I am also pleased to announce the approval of the first PWNA Awning Class. This class has recently been added to the roster.. For more information on this class including dates and times please contact headquarters.

I would also invite everyone to visit the �NEW� PWNA website. As a member you merely log in and you will find a new feature. This feature will give you a web page for your company on the PWNA site under the �Find a Contractor� area. When a potential customer visits the site your company's site can be highlighted with contact information that goes directly to you. I have seen this program at work and the job leads that you get make membership in the PWNA a �no-brainer!� This is a huge upgrade over any past program and something that members and non-members have been asking of the PWNA for a long time. If you need help or have questions regarding adding your information to the PWNA website please contact headquarters and we will guide you through the process.

I have saved the best for last. I am so pleased to announce some really great news. The PWNA had it's best month in regards to new members and renewals since Legacy Management took over last October. More over, July (in the past one of the slowest membership months) was the best July the PWNA has ever had! Legacy has provided stability and a follow up program that has led to a dedicated effort of staying in touch and managing our membership. Our members are being serviced like never before in the history of the PWNA. The proof here is that even with an increase in dues, membership is on the rise as more and more folks are once again becoing excited about the PWNA! I would like to thank Legacy and the members who are getting involved and becoming part of the new excitement in the PWNA.

Everett Abrams

As a member of PWNA, I believe in fair and honorable practices and pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards in my business, and I obligate myself and my employees to work by the following Code of Ethics:

I will, at all times, conduct my business in a fair and honorable manner. I pledge to represent our products and services as they actually are, to do what I promise and to promise only what I reasonably can do, to compete fairly with others on the basis of the merit of my products and services, and to refrain from making false or misleading statements about my competitors or their products or services.

I commit to help any and all fellow PWNA members in the furtherance of industry knowledge.

I promise to comply, both in spirit and letter, with all rules and regulations prescribed by law and by government agencies for the health, safety and well-being of my employees, the public, and the environment.

I further pledge to perform all services within any Standards and through the use of any Best Management Practices adopted by PWNA.

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