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President's Letter to
Contractors, Manufacturers & Distributors

PWNA Update:

8/14/2007 � Quakertown, PA

The PWNA is at it again! In keeping up with the industry and talking to contractors, distributors, and manufacturers we have continued to improve your association. We have heard the call of uniting the industry and creating an environment that welcomes the entire industry. One of the greatest common goals that we can all work to improve on is education. Education and continued development of individual contractors as well as industry companies we begin to address a serious issue that plagues our industry... long-term, successful contractors. Turnover rate in this industry is very high. We see it every year in our membership. In follow up calls we find most of these folks go out of business after the first year. Though this is typical of most small businesses, the PWNA is constantly trying to find programs and create a place in the association where contractors and companies can come to as a source to build the company that they dreamed of when making the decision to go into business for themselves.

Recognizing that there are tens of thousands of contractors in our industry we need many partners in education. Educating an industry can not be an individual effort. It takes many companies and individuals to get involved if we are going to make a difference. At the PWNA we now have a place where quality educational programs are welcome and encouraged by all comers. If you are a manufacturer, distributor, or contractor who has a program that will benefit the industry, then the PWNA wants YOU! We are not ashamed to say, �We need help!� After being accepted by the Education Committee and Board of Directors your program will be endorsed and marketed to the membership and the industry. Quality education by quality educators will result in quality run companies that will reduce turnover rate and add stability to our industry. The issues that we confront everyday from business ethics to best management practices, from successful marketing campaigns to building a customer base, from environmental education to kitchen exhaust cleaning, and so many other areas that are becoming more scrutinized and regulated will be addressed. The PWNA wants to make a difference and needs help from the leaders in this industry to help make this happen.

We encourage anyone interested in finding out more about the PWNA and our programs to contact our headquarters at 800-393-7962 for more information. The Directors of the PWNA have created a membership dues structure (for information visit www.thepwna.org) that makes it easy and advantageous for anyone to become part of the team. For contractors our lead program through the website makes membership a no-brainer. For distributors and manufacturers we recognize that you are the key to our industry. That together with the PWNA, we can work together to take the industry to the next level in credibility and success through joint educational and event programs that will benefit all and bring record numbers of folks to participate in the industry they serve!


Everett Abrams

As a member of PWNA, I believe in fair and honorable practices and pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards in my business, and I obligate myself and my employees to work by the following Code of Ethics:

I will, at all times, conduct my business in a fair and honorable manner. I pledge to represent our products and services as they actually are, to do what I promise and to promise only what I reasonably can do, to compete fairly with others on the basis of the merit of my products and services, and to refrain from making false or misleading statements about my competitors or their products or services.

I commit to help any and all fellow PWNA members in the furtherance of industry knowledge.

I promise to comply, both in spirit and letter, with all rules and regulations prescribed by law and by government agencies for the health, safety and well-being of my employees, the public, and the environment.

I further pledge to perform all services within any Standards and through the use of any Best Management Practices adopted by PWNA.

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